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Kirsty Adams – Porcelain

in Ceramics Artists International/Keramikerinnen & Keramiker
Kirsty makes hand thrown tableware pieces and larger studio pieces working to commission, order and for exhibitions. She works only in porcelain.

My main inspirations and methods of working were developed whilst living in Japan. I became particularly interested in the Oribe style of glazing developed by the tea master Fujita Oribe. This process involves part glazing with a copper based glaze and leaving part unglazed. The glazes are poured to achieve subtleties of overlapping colours and to enhance the spontaneity of each piece.
Hand built pieces are textured and assembled whilst leather hard. Once assembled, the vessels are painted with a white slip to create a canvas on which to work with oxides and glazes.“

Studio: 1, Douglas Avenue, Gosforth, Newcastle, Tyne and Wear, England, NE3 4XD.

Telephone: +44 7714 334364

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