Lee Kang-hyo ‘Onggi Master’ – film about a Korean master of pottery

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Our documentary tells the story of Lee Kang-hyo’s search for a beautiful life, through his work with clay and the love of his family. Set against the backdrop of his South Korean studio, it gives an insight into the spiritual journey that plays a vital part in his artistic practice.

Lee is world-famous for combining the traditional Korean technique called Onggi – a technique that allows him to make enormous, often man-sized pots and the puncheong (buncheong) decorating technique. Watch him constructing three of these giant Onggi pots over a five-day period, culminating in an exciting explosion of glaze and colour as Lee sets about decorating them in his inimitable fashion.

His work is exhibited all over the world in major national museums such as the Victoria & Albert Museum, The British Museum, the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, the Art Institute of Chicago and the International Ceramic Museum in Italy.

The music in the film is Samulnori music. Samulnori basically means “four instruments” and the four instruments are Kwaengwari, jing, janggu, and buk.

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